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Here are some great books about food, cooking and drinking - all available free for download.  Click on the title of the book to open it in a new window.  If you would like to download, simply right click on the title (MS Windows users) and choose "Save Target As."

compiled and edited by Kevin Lacassin
Here is the family cookbook!  Late in 2006 I began to realize how important food was to the culture of the New Orleans family.  After being separated for more than a year after relocating, food was still a topic that I could discuss with any family member.  I also realized that if all of the family recipes weren't in writing, some of them would eventually be lost.   With the help of my immediate and extended family, I put together this cookbook full of family favorites.

Cooking with Entergy
Many years ago I received my first spiral bound copy of this cookbook from my Maw Maw Lacassin.  It is comprised of a plethora of New Orleans and "home cooking" type recipes that were originally distributed in the electric bill of Nopsi and Entergy customers.  Quite a few years ago, Entergy compiled all of the recipes into a book and gave it out.  Most recently, Entergy donated the rights to the book to the United Way and they now sell them as a fundraiser.  However, I cannot locate any place to buy the book.  When I relocated after hurricane Katrina, my book was packed away and I used this electronic version as reference.  If you have the opportunity, buy a copy from the United Way.  Otherwise, here is the version in Adobe Acrobat format.  (click on the title to download)

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